Monday, June 24, 2013

Carson Aura NV 200 - Get Ready It's Hurricane Season!

It is hurricane season and the must have item is the Carson Aura NV 200.  It is a pocket sized night vision monocular.

During Hurricane Ike, we lost power for 5 days.  Although we had lanterns, it would have been nice to see what was happening outside.

The Carson Mini  Aura NV-200 is the perfect item to have.  It is so small that it can be held in the palm of your hand.

Click Here for a Great Price on the Carson Pocket Night Vision Monocular.

Visit my blog on the Carson NV-200 for a detailed review but listed are a few features:

The features of this mini monocular include:
1) It is lightweight
2) You can use in either night or day
3) It is affordable

But the benefits of being able to see in the dark are PRICELESS!

Watch the following video for more info...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

ABC Scandal TV Show - Must See!

ABC Scandal TV Show is a must see.  It has it all: drama, comedy, romance, mystery.  There are so many twists and turns to the show.  It always leaving you wanting more.

The season finale was tonight and I must admit.  It was one of the best season finales ever. All questions of the season were answered, but it still added a new question mark as the finale.

I initially watched the first episode and was not too impressed.  Of course, I was doing other things while watching and did not give the show my full attention.  My daughter insisted that I watch the show.  So one night I watched another episode.


I spent the following Saturday catching up on Season 1.
Scandal: The Complete First Season

What Are The Best Bicycle Seats For Kids?

If you are a bicycle enthusiast and have kids, you must know what are the best bicycle seats for kids!

We have identified 3 types of child bike carrier:

1) Bike Trailers - They are essentially sidecars for kids

2) Trailer Cycles - They are an additional cycle connected to your bicycle

3) Mounted Seats - They are perfect for younger children.

Pictures is the front mounted WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

For more information about the different types of bike seats, please visit my blog Best Bicycle Seat For Kids 
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Best Kids Bicycle Helmet!

The best kids bicycle helmet is not only a necessary safety accessory, it is a fun, stylish fashion statement!

Kids bicycle helmets come in all shapes, styles, colors looking like sharks, lady bugs, unicorns just to name a few.

Kids love these helmets.  These 3D helmets are just plain fun.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Are The Best Bikes For Kids?

Actually the question "what are the best bikes for kids" is a trick question!

The answer is it depends.  Did you know that your child's height and weight are critical factors for selecting the best bike?

Also depending on your child's age, should you choose a balance bike, a tricycle or a bike with training wheels?

Pictured is the STRIDER ST-3 No-Pedal Balance Bike.  It looks a lot like a traditional bike.

It is rated #1 in Sports & Outdoors > Bikes & Accessories > Kids' Bikes & Accessories > Kids' Bikes

Luckily, I have provide more details on my Best Bikes For Kids lens. I did a little digging, so please review.

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Wedge Pillow Acid Reflux System - Can It Work?

If you suffer from acid reflux, you probably wonder if a Wedge Pillow Acid Reflux System can work.

I am all about natural remedies.  So when I discovered this product, I had to investigate.

The wedge pillow does make sense.  75% of  people who suffer from this ailment have trouble sleeping.

Medcline developed this system that consists of a body pillow and  wedge combination.

The system is obtaining great ratings on Amazon - 4.9 out of 5.0 stars.

It is worth a complete look if you are among the many acid reflux sufferers.

For more information on GERD or Acid Reflux, visit Acid Reflux Explained

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Waring DB60 Double Burner - For Dorms, For Parties, For Small Kitchens!

The Waring DB60 Double Burner is a neat little appliance.

It is a 2 Burner Electric Cooktop.

We typically have large family gatherings with numerous people making a variety of dishes.

Our 4 burner stove just is not enough at times. This gadget can be placed on a counter to get extra burners when needed.

For dorms, 2 burners are always better than one!  This especially nice if you have a very small kitchen.

For more information on the benefits of a 2 Burner Electric Cooktop, see
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